Nhựa Nhật Tiến


Specializes in manufacturing rigid plastic
packaging for chemicals, paints, food and plastic
equipment in the agricultural industry

Since 1989


The story of Nhat Tien Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd is a spectacular journey of brave people who constantly strive to bring plastic products for agriculture, chemicals and life to higher level. Our mission is sustainable development and aims to "create flawless products". Therefore, Nhat Tien always focuses on improving the production management system to provide customers with reasonable cost and optimal time products.

Besides production efficiency, Nhat Tien upholds its responsibility to protect the environment by optimizing the use of available resources and building a green working environment.

With strong strides in investment, production expansion and quality improvement, Nhat Tien Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. has affirmed its trust with domestic consumers also its solid position as a one of the leading prestigious packaging manufacturers in Vietnam's plastic industry today.

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Certificate of Quality

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification

ISO 13485:2003 Medical Instruments Quality Management Certification

5S Practice Good Manufacturing Certification

Manufacturing process of food safety and hygiene packaging according to regulatory conformity (MOH)

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