The story of Nhat Tien Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd is a spectacular journey of brave people who constantly strive to bring plastic products for agriculture, chemicals and life to higher level. Over 30+ years of sustainable development, we have brought to the market a variety of models including: plastic cans and bottles, plastic containers, plastic equipment in the livestock and agricultural industries, printing on products and on demand.

Aims to "create flawless products", Nhat Tien always focuses on improving and creating production management system. As a result, our products are not only guaranteed in terms of quality, design, and superior features, but are also manufactured at a reasonable cost and on time.

Along with the goal of sustainable development, Nhat Tien puts on top the responsibility to the environment and society by optimizing available resources and building a green working environment.

With strong strides in investment, production expansion and quality improvement, Nhat Tien Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. has affirmed its trust with domestic consumers also its solid position as a one of the leading prestigious packaging manufacturers in Vietnam's plastic industry today.


In order to make strong strides and create a distinct competitive advantage, Nhat Tien chose a sustainable and effective development strategy: the T.I.M.E strategy.

TECHNOLOGY (Technology) - Invest in new technology to keep up with market changes. Since then, offering more products of better quality, in line with the strict standards and requirements from customers.

INNOVATION (Innovation) - Continuously explore and create the latest mold designs to improve packaging design, increase production productivity to meet customer requirements.

MANAGEMENT - Constantly improving the quality management system and effectively exploiting existing factories to bring to the market beautiful, price-competitive and high-value products.

ENVIRONMENT (Environment) - Enhancing and fulfilling its responsibility to the Environment & Society by meeting global production standards on environmental hygiene to minimize solid waste.


  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
  • ISO 13485:2003 Medical Instruments Quality Management Certification
  • 5S Practice Good Manufacturing Certification
  • Manufacturing process of food safety and hygiene packaging according to regulatory conformity (MOH)



Formerly Tan Viet facility specializing in the production and manufacturing of molds.


Tan Viet changed its name to Nhat Tien facility and expanded to participate in the field of plastic production. At this time, Nhat Tien launched the first product line of 5L plastic containers on the Vietnamese market.


At the same time, Nhat Tien changed to the model of Nhat Tien Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. with an increased production scale of 3,000m2 and expands production and develops HDPE cans blowing technology from 500ml to 30L.


Nhat Tien built a new factory with a scale of 25,000m2, specializing in producing PP block and HDPE plastic packaging for the chemical and water-based paint markets. This is an important turning point, bringing Nhat Tien closer to customers as well as enhancing its supply capacity to meet market demand.


Nhat Tien pioneered the industrialization of agriculture by launching a product line of plastic pig breeding floors. This step has completely changed the Vietnamese's traditional method, also increasing food safety as well as reducing livestock costs and making it more environmentally friendly.


Officially expanded the scale of clean packaging production for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries with a scale of 40,000m2, digitalizing management processes by the use of ERP throughout the production, sales, accounting and human resources processes.


Developing and investing in solar energy system with capacity of 3.2 MWp and complete the second factory with 2 technology lines, which is injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding.


Nhat Tien actively develops manufacturing capacity to suit products demanding high precision in the context of FDI electronic firms shifting investment to Vietnam.



Is a company pioneering in producing high quality, safe and sustainable product, which enhances the product value to the community.


Producing safe, innovative and useful plastic products for society to contribute to better quality of life.



Leadership with honest, respect and understanding


Approach customers with trust, quality and services


Relentless improvement and development


Staff is always putting efforts,
, enthusiastic and responsible.


Safe and friendly working environment


The success of our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

Management Team

Mr. Duong Duy Viet


Mr Duong Nguyen Tien Khoa

General Manager

Mr Duong Nguyen Nhat Quang

Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dieu Khuong

Deputy Business Director

Mrs. Tran Nhut Dong

Accounting Manager

Mr. Le Van Quang

Deputy Production Director of Factory 1

Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoa

Deputy Production Director of Factory 2

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chi

Deputy Director

Ms. Pham Thi Hang Ni

Personnel Manager

Ms. Tran Thi Bich

Deputy Accountant