Plastic equipment in livestock and agriculture

Under the brand "NHATTICO", we are proud to be one of the best units in the market in terms of providing products for the livestock and agricultural industries with a wide variety and high quality.
Our best seller in Vietnam: breeding floors, water bottles and feeders for chickens and pigs.

Cans and bottles

We specialize in providing safe, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for food, veterinary medicine, chemicals, pesticides with HDPE and PET materials.

OEM products

We manufacture plastic and guarantee the patenting under the license of the customer. With experience and advanced technology, NHAT TIEN is committed to always making customers satisfied by the stability in quality and deadline.

Large size cans

We supply the mid size and large size cans from 5L to 200L by PE material. Our production system qualified QCVN 12 standard, safety for food packaging (Certified by Vietnamese Ministry of health)

Plastic container

We supply a wide variety of plastic buckets with safety standards for food packaging.

Printing on Packaging

Besides mold and plastic, we also provide plastic packaging printing service. With two advanced silkscreen printing and heat transfer printing technologies, customers' product packaging is guaranteed to be sharp, sophisticated and distinguished in the market.


Bucket 30L - 17T

Bucket 22L - 24S

Bucket 20L - 20S

Bucket 20L - 33S

Bucket 20L - 31S

Bucket 20L - 29S